[Draft] Assessment of Routes

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The Pedestrian-Bicycle Committee of the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition is developing a route plan for improving the bicycling network in the neighborhood. Based on comments at public meetings, online forums, and feedback on a preliminary version of the plan, we have Identified some general routes that would enhance the existing bicycle infrastructure to establish an integrated network.

We are conducting a survey about these additional routes so that we can better understand what the public thinks is important in terms of bicycle route improvements. In addition, the information will be provided to the City Planning Department for their use in developing the City of Pittsburgh Bicycle Plan. The survey below asks for your opinion on the pros and cons of the routes and your priorities for which should be developed.  Please feel free to include reasons for your choices and to offer opinions about as many or as few of the routes as you wish.

The maps are presented as an interactive map. The routes are annotated with descriptions that indicate what’s desired for the route, sometimes including alternative alignments on nearby streets.  There are no proposals yet for specific implementations of the routes, which might range from paint and signage to capital improvements.  The purpose of this assessment is to identify a few routes for careful analysis, public discussion, and feasibility study. 

Survey Instructions

In responding to the survey, refer to the interactive map. The map uses green for current bicycle infrastructure, red for sections in planning or development, and purple for missing links. Some particular trouble spots are marked with numbers. The left-hand side of the map lists the segments in the survey, and clicking on those items pops up a description.

This survey covers the “missing links” and “hot spots” from the map as well as the routes in early planning.  In the survey, clicking on the segment name opens a new tab that is zoomed to that segment. Click on the segment name on the left of the map to get a description.

For each route you would like to comment on, please select options from the dropdown lists to indicate

  • your overall priority for this route (please choose no more than 3-5 for highest rating)
  • how it would support commuting, running errands, and recreation
  • how you think it would contribute to safety
  • how hard you think it would be to get a good version of the route implemented in the next few years

We welcome comments as well. Clicking the “comment” button for a segment opens a text box for that segment at the bottom of the survey.  There is always a box for general comments, including suggestions about other routes to consider.

You may also email comments to ped_bike@shuc.org

Evaluation Chart for comment – not yet saving the data.

Again, the segment names in the survey reference interactive map. You may want to open this in a separate browser window.

Segment Name Length Overall Useful for Useful for Useful for Safety Feasible
priority Commuting Errands Recreation Concern to do
        Routes in early planning
        Greenfield-Squirrel Hill Trail 1.7 mi
        Alt Greenfield-Squirrel Hill 0.8 mi
        Boundary St-Neville St 0.7 mi
Missing Links
        Beeler and Wilkins 1.4 mi
        North Wilkins/Fifth Ave 0.6 mi
        Murray Ave 1.0 mi
        Central Forbes 1.1 mi
        South Dallas 0.6 mi
        Beacon St 1.0 mi
        Serpentine Connection 0.7 mi
        Panther Hollow Rd 0.9 mi
        Bartlett Meadow to Beacon 0.2 mi
        Behind Phipps to P-H Trail 0.3 mi
        South end Wightman 0.3 mi
        Forward, FMP to Beechwood 0.4 mi
        Saline St to Duck Hollow 1.4 mi
        Homestead Bridge 0.8 mi
Hot Spots
        1. FMP-5 points intersection
        2. Schenley Pk stoplight (9 points)
        3. RR xing in Panther Hollow
        4. Saline-Summerset connection
        5. Glenwood Bridge connections
General Comments
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