Squirrel Hill Bicycle Route Plan

The SHUC Bike/Ped committee advocates for bicycle infrastructure in Squirrel Hill. We are developing a comprehensive Squirrel Hill Bicycle Route Plan that lays out the neighborhood network, identifies projects to fill gaps in the network and shows how this yields a robust and appropriate network of routes to and through Squirrel Hill.

The discussion draft of this Master Route Plan, in the form of an interactive annotated Google Map, is now available for review. Please send comments to ped_bike@shuc.org — they will be redirected to appropriate committee members.

The timeline for refining the plan calls for evaluating the individual segments and selecting priority segments by later spring 2017. After priority segments are identified, we can study how to make improvements that will benefit the community.


The City of Pittsburgh is developing a new Bicycle Plan (summer/fall 2017), the first in almost 20 years, to be released in 2017. The City has also adopted a Complete Streets policy, which calls for consideration of all users of the public space when street projects are planned.  In addition, SHUC is beginning to talk about revising its Squirrel Hill Master Plan. Having a Bicycle Master Plan will give us a basis for participating in these discussions.

This is …
  • A long-term aspiration for a connected bicycle infrastructure
  • A vision that will shape Complete Streets planning
  • A plan that will evolve over time
  • Achievable only by increments, and possibly not completely
This is not …
  • Fully detailed — it does not have specific proposals about type of infrastructure, and evaluation and prioritization will take place in early 2017 after community discussion
  • Developed in isolation — It is based on input from public meetings and social media. A broad range of stakeholders were invited to comment on the first draft, and comments have been incorporated. We recognize that many stakeholders have interests in the public space, and we anticipate constructive discussion about how to share this space.